Fun facts about Mollie's life!
Brendyn, is my partner in crime! He is always with me. Fun things We love to do are face masks and going to the mall or the movies. My life without Brendyn would be complete darkness. We have been with each other through thick and thin and i wouldn't trade him for anything ...5/7/17<3

Kayla and I have been the realist with each other! Me and her have had our fair share with what we so called "best friends" but when we met each other, i have never had a friendship like ours! 10.28.17

I also love to take selfies!
This is Dude! I got dude for an 8 months annervirsity gift from brendyn!! I was so surprised when i got him , I almost cried. He is my everything and i wouldn't trade him for the world <3 Love ya dude!! 1/7/18


I Wanna Go!