Clipboard is part of the office suite but can be used in any program that allows you to copy.   Clipboard is a temporary memory used for the copy command.  When you go to edit copy, the content is stored in the Clipboard.  When you use the shortcut keys Ctrl – C you are also putting it in the clipboard.



 To access the contents of clipboard, open word go to Edit - office clipboard.


The clipboard dialog box appears: Mine shows that it is empty.



To put something in the clipboard just copy something.  I highlighted the above sentence and went to edit copy.  Now in my Clipboard, what I just copied appears.  You can store up to 24 items before the oldest will be replaced.


You can paste this material into any program that has the paste command.

You can also use the shortcut keys Ctrl – V to paste.

So if you are in Adobe and you copy some text or picture, it is stored in this temporary memory called Clipboard.  You can then go into word and paste it into a document.


Fun tip:  Another neat trick is to press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.  This will place a picture of your current display on to the clipboard.  Open the paint program, go to edit then paste.  If all goes well then a snapshot of your desktop appears…..

Have fun J