Are you tired of hitting the browse button to find an attachment?

Just drag and drop attachments then.


While in your email composer screen you can simply drag a pic, file or anything you want to attach.

Click on Create Mail and open your email composer window.




Resize your windows so you can see the file you want to attach, mine is on the desktop.  It is a picture of a bee.




Click on your File or Picture you want to attach and drag it to the compose area of you email window.  This is where you normally type your emails.




Once in the compose area the shape under the mouse turns to a box with a plus sign under it.  This means that you can drag and release to this area.  Drop the file and it will automatically add itself as an attachment.



It really is easier than it sounds, if you already know how to drag and drop.

Note: If you highlight multiply files or pic and drag the group, it will attach all of them.