The Question ?????????


How to make a group so that I can send e-mails to just the teachers in my department.  Can that be the next e-mail tip of the week???


Click on the address book button on the toolbar.



This will bring up your contact dialog box.



Click the + sign next to Main Identity’s to see your current contact list.



















Click the new button and select “New Group”


The following dialog box appears, Click on “Select Members”



Choose all that will be part of this group, don't forget to include yourself in the group.

This will allow you to see what was sent.



After you have added all the members click "ok" then name the group.



  Click ok and the new group appears on the left and the members on the right



To use the new group just type in the name in the To: Cc: or Bcc: box and all the members of your new group will receive the email.



Please send questions for Tip of the week :)

Art Eccard