Forwarding e-mails without previous reciepients


I use Outlook Express 6. I want to forward emails and/or attachments which have been sent to me without the names of all other people who have previously received the messages and forwarded them on. Invariably the list of previous recipients/forwarders is longer than the email and/or attachment. I don't want to forward all those names to my recipients.

Response to "Forwarding e-mails without previous reciepients"

The only way I know how you can do this is click on Forward, then go into the body of the email message and highlight all the addresses and delete them. Good on you for wanting to do this. I find nothing worse than receiving an email from someone only to find it full of other people's email addresses. To be sure that once you have cleaned up the addresses you dont add fuel to the fire use the BCC option to enter all the addresses to the recipients you want to receive the email.

If anyone knows another way please email.