To insert a picture from a file into your email:

Go to Insert on the toolbar and click Picture.

Note: Make sure you are clicked into the body of the email or the option Picture will be grayed out.




The picture dialog box appears with several options.  First click on the Browse button and find your picture.



Here is the picture I am using… Meet Christopher Allen Eccard Grandson #1 Born 10-29-04.

Click on your picture and push Open.


 When you return to the Picture dialog box the address should appear in the window.



Underneath the location box is a place to put alternate text.  This text will appear when someone puts their mouse on the picture… or if the picture fails to load the alt. text will appear




At the very bottom are the Layout dialog options.  Listed below is the option for alignment.





Finally your picture is inserted. Isn’t he just the cutest? J

Note:  you should send pictures as jpg or gif, bmp or tiff get extremely large.