In Word you can make your own shortcut keys to help with the symbols/characters you use everyday or week or month even a year or more.  I made a shortcut for the double arrows  D  keys.  So instead of going to insert – symbol – windings3 then selecting and inserting and finally closing, I just press my shortcut keysJ.


Here is how. 

Open a word document and begin by selecting Insert then Symbol



For this example use Windings 3



Notice above that there isn’t a shortcut key assigned, it is blank


Select the symbol you want



Then click the shortcut Key button 


The Customize Keyboard dialog box pops up and displays the symbol you have chosen.  Make sure the cursor is in the Press new shortcut key: box.  You can tell by the blinking cursor or vertical line, in this case.



Tricky part:  Don’t try typing the key combination you want into the box, I tried and it didn’t work.  Just press the keys in the sequence you want, starting with the ctrl key or the alt key then another key. 

Try this: While holding down the ‘alt’ key first then the ‘ctrl’ key and press the ‘a’ key, you should end up with all the keys pressed down at the same time.  Your selection should appear in the shortcut key box.  If so press the Assign button, if not repeat the above steps.





Verify that the shortcut keys are assigned by checking the Current keys: dialog box, your selection should be there.  If it is click the close button.



Your shortcut should appear at the bottom of the symbol dialog box. 


So that every time I press the Alt+Ctrl+A keys the double arrows appear D D D D D D D D D






Bonus Tip:

While you are in the Symbol dialog box you can also look at and even change the predefined shortcut keys. Just click on the Special Characters tab.