Clip Board (temporary storage of cut or copied items)

See:  Clipboard ??” for an introduction


Multiple Clipboards

To use multiple clipboards you must first bring up the clipboard dialog box.  You can do this by using the Short cut keys Ctrl + C + then C again or Edit “Office Clipboard” to display the contents of clipboard




Clip Board in XP allows for multiple item storage






With the clipboard pane open try coping items.

I copied the above sentence by highlighting then holding down the ctrl and the “c” key

The copied text appears in the clipboard pane as 1 of 24





Copy something else while watching the pane

I copied the picture above by right clicking the mouse and then choose copy

The clipboard pane is updated showing the picture and now says 2 of 24




There are up to 24 clipboards in total you can use.  You can also use the saved clips in other documents or any Microsoft program, such as word, excel or PowerPoint.





While in the dialog box mouse over an item, a box appears with a drop down arrow with your choices, Paste or Delete.  You can also clear the pane or Paste All into your document.



When you paste text into a document a little clip board appears with more choices about the formatting

You can the text like it was saved, match the formatting of your current text or just keep the text without a certain format.  Apply style brings up a new formatting dialog box.