Document – Document – Document

Note Pad has a date and time stamp that can be useful for documenting when notes were written. 

While in notepad just push the F5 button at the top of your keyboard whenever you want to insert the time and date.  The date and time will appear.


You can also accomplish this by going to edit and click on time/date.  Notice the additional shortcut keys available.



The last way is to have notepad to automatically update itself every time it is opened.  To do this you must do a little programming… but it is really easy. J


Right click on your desktop and select new then text document.


A text pad is placed on your desktop with the name label highlighted.



While highlighted just type in the name you want, I picked logs



Open the text document and type a period then the word LOG in all caps.  Make sure that this is placed in the top left corner or it will not work.




Save the text document



Now close and reopen it, the date and time is automatically added.



This is good for anything you need to track by date and time….. I use it to document student’s behavior and sometimes I find a pattern.