Using your new stationery Go to part2

Saving from an attachment:




Saving a stationary from a file:



Starting from the  button


Go to my computer



Click on C



Then Program files


now double click Common Files


Almost there, click Microsoft shared


Finally Stationery



Saving from an attachment:


Click on the paperclip then Save Attachments



When the dialog box appears click on the Browse button



Now the journey begins through the sea of clicks.

Click on Local Disk (C)



Then Program Files


Common Files is next


Now Microsoft Shared folder


Inside of the shared folder pick Stationary


Click Ok, you will be returned to the save dialog box you started from with the address of where you been inside the Save To box.  Finally click the Save button.





Part 2

Using the new stationery

When you are writing an email just click on the Format tool bar and go to Apply stationery.  If your new Stationery doesn’t appear on the list click on More Stationery and browse for it.




Make your selection and click ok